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Physician Services


Picture 019 At Aristocrat West our residents have a choice. Residents who have a private physician can keep their current doctor who in turn works with Aristocrat West's medical director and nurse practitioner to create a personalized care plan.

Residents can also choose among our attending physicians or medical director to follow you and your care needs. Residents who do not have a private physician will be served by the Aristocrat West Care Team, consisting of a licensed physician, a medical director and a nurse practitioner.

In addition to our medical director, we also offer a variety of ancillary services, including a podiatrist, psychologist, psychiatrist, orthopedic specialist, ENT, dentist, and ophthalmologist.

Our Physician Advisory Panel consists of the following physicians:


Dr. Nouraldin, Medical Director

Dr. Patel, Attending Physician

Dr. Brar, Consulting Psychiatrist

Dr. Raj, Plastic Surgeon/Wound Care Program Consultant

Dr. Horwood, Orthopedic Specialist

Dr. Scott, Podiatry/Wound Care

Dr. Berkowitz, Podiatry/Wound Care